How we plan to get where we want to go.

Our Approach

Progressing Towards Fusion Power

We believe that fusion energy is the ultimate solution to the worlds energy production problem. However it is becoming clear that technologically we are still unable to achieve this goal in the near future. 

We believe in taking a more measured approach that builds upon our current nuclear infrastructure.

We have developed a solution that can produce revolutionary results today, and pave the way to a fusion powered future.

We believe there needs to be a transitional step that propels us forward to eventually be able meet the demands of break-even nuclear fusion.

Our Goal

Significant change- sooner rather than later.

We aim to develop a product that can drastically improve the state of nuclear energy within the next five to ten years- not twenty to thirty.

A product that will make current nuclear reactors safer, be able to run more efficiently, be more cost effective, and finally- remove the stock pile of hazardous nuclear waste that has been created.

Inherent Safety



Save Money

Destroy Waste

Our Methods

Transient Dampening Materials

One way to ensure inherent safety in nuclear reactors is to prevent neutron radiation spikes or ‘transients’.

We have developed a method of understanding materials and their nuclear properties in order to combine them into particular formulations that will absorb or ‘dampen’ the transient spikes.

These transient dampening materials, because of their particular molecular composition, can exist within the nuclear fuel and will behave and react in a way that will prevent any form of radiation from spiking to a level that is unsafe.


Using Transuranic Waste as Fuel

 Through the use of transient dampening materials and other safety components, the level of safety in reactors will become so high that it will actually be possible to use the massive amounts of transuranic waste as fuel.

This opens the door for 160,000 metric tons of hazardous waste to be repurposed as nuclear fuel – fuel that will destroy itself as it generates power. A win-win.

Using Fusion for Greater Control

Nuclear fusion is actually a component of our work, but instead of being the one and only goal, we are using fusion reactions to take advantage of what is already happening inside a reactor that improves safety and reactivity control.


Custom AI-Coupled Nuclear Simulation Software

Built from the ground up, our nuclear simulation software uses artificial intelligence to perform tasks that would otherwise take a lifetime.

By modeling nuclear reactions in a computer, and using AI to super-charge its effectiveness, we gain quick intimate access to understanding what really goes on inside a nuclear reactor and do so far more effectivly than our competitors.

Converting Reactors from Analog to Digital

As technology becomes more digitally based, it is imperative that our reactors are able to keep up and adapt to our modern age.

We are in the finishing stages of adapting a 60’s era nuclear research reactor from an analog paper system to a fully digital interface that enhances the reactors capabilities and potential.

We believe it is important to utilize what already exists to ease the transition to the future of nuclear technology.

Advantages of Digital

A digital system provides a much higher sampling rate with a greater degree of accuracy that helps us improve data analytics from our experiments.

These benefits spread far beyond just our needs however – as a digital system is advantageous for commercial reactor use as well. Digital outputs improve reactor control and stability, increasing safety and allowing for more efficient operation. 





Regardless of how sophisticated computational analysis may get, computer simulations will never replace real world experiments.

That’s why we are working with top research labs to perform the tests and experiments we need to move our work forward.

From tools such as particle accelerators – which provide precise experimental measurements, to research reactors that simulate real world applications, we are developing our ideas to work from the smallest detail to the most rigorous real world applications. 


The Particle Accelerator – An Atomic Microscope

The use of a particle accelerator allows us to look at individual nuclear reactions with a very high degree of precision.  Here is where insightful discoveries are made and studied to see what can apply to practical use in a commercial reactor.


Research Reactors – Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Commercial nuclear reactors are complex and delicate systems and therefore require absolute surety that any new method of operation is fully tested before being applied in these real world scenarios.

That is why we are working extensively with research reactors that allow us to simulate commercial reactors in a way that is safe and informs our research.